Surfcamp Bali

Bali / Padang Padang – The perfect place to learn surfing


Surfcamp Bali

amazing Surfcamp with 180° Seaview

learn how to surf in a relaxed atmosphere

spent an awesome time with others while go surfing

meet open minded people from all around the globe

Our Bali Surfcamp is located next to Padang Padang Beach in the south of Bali. For beginners and slightly advanced surfer, the Camp and the surf lessons offer a save and relaxed surrounding. Learn surfing or improve your surfing level with professionals while meeting awesome people.

Intermediate surfers and guests don’t want to surf, are also welcome at Surfcamp Bali. Many guests use the beautiful Surfcamp as a base to explore the island. World class surf breaks, the temples, white sand beaches and awesome sunsets waiting for you.

The Camp is surrounded by a beautiful garden with 180° seaview and offers a big Main house, 4 Wood Bungalows and 2 Deluxe Bungalows.

Our Surfcamp on Bali is a small paradise in paradise…

  • incl. Breakfast

  • incl. Dinner

  • Free Wifi

  • Restaurant

  • Seaview

  • Billard

  • TV/DVD

  • Slackline

  • Beautiful Garden

  • Camp Language: English

  • Average age 26

  • Max. Guests 25

Accommodation / rooms

Two bedroom

The Two Bedrooms are equiped with 2 single beds, ventilator, a terrace with seaview, mosquito net and a shared bathroom (max. 4 people) with hot water.

from 210€ / week / person
from 420€ / week / 2 persons

*no single use available

Included services

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7x breakfast
  • 6x dinner

Double bedroom

The Double Bedrooms are equiped with a king size bed, ventilator, a terrace with seaview, mosquito net and a shared bathroom (max. 4 people) with hot water.

from 280€ / week / single use
from 420€ / week / 2 persons

Included services

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7x breakfast
  • 6x dinner

Deluxe bedroom

The Deluxe Rooms are equiped with a king size bed, aircon, a terrace with seaview and a private bathroom with hot water.

from 350€ / week / single use
from 560€ / week / 2 persons

Included services

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7x breakfast
  • 6x dinner


All prices including breakfast and dinner.

The daily breakfast (7am – 10:30am) can be orderd by menu and includes coffee or tea.

For dinner (Sunday- Friday 7pm) the menu changes everyday. If you prefer vegetarian food we can cook for you without meat.

As our kitchen is opened the whole day, you can also order lunch. Cold drinks and snacks are offered at the Camp

To eat outside, the Camp is surrounded by really good restaurants and small supermarkets.


What if i want to extend my stay?

More nights or more surf lessons can be easily booked at the Camp. Payment for the extension is cash or by credit card at the Camp.

Can i stay less than a week?

You can also stay less than a week. For daily prices divide the week prices by 7.

How far is the Camp form the beach?

Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach, Dreamland and Uluwatu Beach are around 2Km or 5 minutes by motorbike. Motorbikes you can rent at the Camp for 3€/day. You will love to go around by bike and check out all the area. You can also walk to the beaches if you want to…

Can i get drinks and lunch at the Camp?

The Camp offers cold drinks like 1,5L Water 0,60€, Softdrinks 0,60€, Beer 1,30€

The kitchen is opened the whole day, so you can order from a small menu for lunch. if you would like to eat something else you can try the really good restaurants next door.

How i can pay my bill at the Camp?

Motorbike, drinks and board etc. you can pay cash (Euro / US Dollar) or by credit card.

Does the Camp offers a safe?

Some rooms are fitted with lockers. The safest place for your belongings, is if you give it to the staff. At the Camp never something got stolen. At night the Camp has a night watch.

Low season and rainy season, how is it in Bali?

Often the question arises how appealing Bali is in the Off/Rainy Season.

During the rainy season from December through to March, there may be short rainy periods during the day. A much more chilled atmosphere invites to just hang out and chill. However; who wants to party and have perfect pro-like surfing conditions should rather come to Bali during the main season.

Surfwise, the off-season is really much more appealing to surf beginners due to smaller waves, smaller surf lesson groups as well as much thinner crowds at particular surf spots while doing surf lessons.

Due to the change in winds during the off season, we will head more over to the East Coast since the winds there will be offshore. Hence we have many more spots as options.

Many of our guests do come only during the off-season due to the above mentioned benefits. Therefore do not let yourself get distracted from what some of the Travel Guides and Travel Blogs write on Bali’s seasonality. The off-season has a lot more to offer than the main season.

  • Small waves – perfect for beginners
  • Small sized surf groups when doing lessons
  • Much more chilled atmosphere
  • Greener and lusher tropical nature
  • Cheaper Airfares and general prices on Bali

Learn surfing on Bali

If you are a beginner or a pro, Bali offers waves for every skill level. Woldclass surfbreaks like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Balangan and Bingin are only 5 minutes away from the Camp.

Surf lessons

surf lessons for beginners and slightly advanced surfer

very easy beginner waves

surfing with professionals

high training frequency and a lot of fun

The surf lessons offer a save and relaxed surrounding, to learn surfing or to improve the basics with professionals. Beginners and slightly advanced surfer with 4 weeks surfing experience can join the surf classes.
Depending on waves and tides we surf one long session or twice a day.

Our qualified surf instructors will offer you advice and assistance in the water. They will only go surfing with you in very easy waves. Safety, a high training frequency and a lot of fun is guaranteed, which is the number one for us.

Surf lessons can be started everyday. We have no day off during the week, so you can surf as much as possible on your stay. The surf lessons including a surfboard, surf shirt, transfer to the spot, surf basics, spot check, assistance in the water and warm up.


How are the surf conditions in low season?

The surf conditions during the off-season are really much more ideal for beginners and novices.

Much fewer people in the water hence less hassle. Smaller surf lesson groups as well as smaller much more beginner like waves will ensure beginners and start-ups can enjoy the maximum fun and benefits of starting to surf.

Due to the change in winds, during the off-season we usually head over to the East Coast, where the winds are much more favorable (offshore). The east coast during the off-season offers smaller but still perfect waves and offshore winds. The water is also warmer during the off season :)

What is a slightly advanced surfer?

Surfer with 1 or 2 month surfing experience are slightly advanced surfers.

To who the surf lessons fit?

The surf lessons are for totally beginners or slightly advanced surfer, which are not yet able to go surfing on their own and want assistance in the water.

Are the beginner spots also offer green waves?

The beginner spots offer also very easy green waves, so its perfect to improve your first skills in surfing.

Does the Camp fit also for me as a very advanced surfer?

Often we have guests which are already good surfers, but want to enjoy the camp atmosphere. The camp offers motorbike rental to check out all the world class surf breaks just next door. Our guides will be always happy to give you advice about spots, tides and waves each day.

Are there beginner spots next door?

As most of our guests are beginners, we only drive to surf spots which are perfect and easy to surf for beginners.

How long are the lessons?

We surf as long as possible, around 2-4 hours. Depending on tides and waves, we also surf if its possible, twice a day for a sunset session.

Surfspots Bali

In between 10 km are 15 woldclass Surfbreaks for every skill level. The waves are very good all year round and the water temperature is always 28°C. Bali is a paradise for surfers and its not easy to find another place in the world, where you can learn surfing that easy.

  • 15 Surfspots

  • 2 Beachbreaks

  • 13 Reefbreaks

  • 8 lefts

  • 8 rights

  • 5 Beginner spots

Surfspot Padang Padang

One of the most famous spots in Bali with 2 different  waves. The right (Baby Padang) is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. Best tide is mid to hightide. The famous left works best on mid or lowtide and its only for professionals. Padang has a nice small beach to hang out or to take a swim. More informations you can find on

Surfspot Balangan

Balangan is a fast left breaking wave for all levels. The area and the beach are very nice to hangout and watch the surfers. For beginners only on hightide and small waves. Balangan offers long rides at low to midtide on a really big day. More informations you can find on Magicseaweed

Surfspot Uluwatu

Uluwatu offers everything. The best sunsets and the best waves in the area. Uluwatu works best at mid to hightide and small waves and low to mid on big waves. On a very small day also slightly intermediate can try to surf Uluwatu.

Are the waves big, better leave your board at home and grab a beer to watch the big wave surfers from very nice restaurants at the cliff. More informations on Magicseaweed

Surfspot Impossibles

Impossibles is unfortunately like the name impossible. Only on really good days and bigger waves offers impossibles on low to midtide 300m rides. On small waves, also slightly advanced surfer can surf impossibles on hightide. A good thing is its often to fast, so you will find no crowd there. More informations on Magicseaweed

Surfspot Bingin

Bingin is a fast breaking left and only for advanced surfer. It works best on low to midtide. The reef is very shallow but offers barrel after barrel. Bingin has a very nice beach to watch the sunsets or to have a swim. More informations on Magicseaweed

Surfspot Dreamland

Dreamland has 2 spots. A very nice A-frame peak and a left. Both works only on bit bigger waves and lowtide. Dreamland offers fun for all levels. On small waves and hightide you can have also a nice swim at Dreamland. The beautiful beach is good to watch the sunset and hangout.
More informations on Magicseaweed

Indonesien / Bali / Padang Padang / Uluwatu

Bali is one oft he most popular surfing destinations in the world! Surfing in board shorts, Water temperatur of 28°C, world-class surf spots for beginners and advanced is far from being all.

Volcanoes, rice terraces, dream beaches and age-old temples, as well as the openness and vitality of the Balinese people, the interplay of Hindu tradition and modern life, which is not least reflected in Kuta’s hot nightlife, makes the island something very special…


Where and how do i rent a motorbike?

You can rent a motorbike at the Camp for 50.000 IDR / 3€ day. You have to use a helmet by Bali rule. A international driving license can help to not get ripped of by the police. The streets are very good and it is not much traffic around the Camp.

Can i go out for party in the area?

Often there are small partys, On Sunday it is the very famous single fin party in Uluwatu. Kuta offers everyday of the year party. It should be normal not drive with the bikes when im drunk.

How is the climate in Bali?

Bali has 2 different seasons. The raining season starts beginning of December and ends end of March. In this season, short rains can be cool down the area. All other month are dry season without rain. Bali offers a consistent 28°C water- and air temperature.

How and where do i apply for a Visa?

Every Tourist gets a 30 days Visa on arrival in Indonesia. If you want to stay longer, you should contact the embassy of Indonesia in your country. They will help and inform you about other Visa possibilities.

Should i change money before arrival?

On the way from the airport to the Camp are many ATM’s or money exchange counters. But it could help to change money before arrival.

What to bring?

A longsleeve is only needed in the month July, August and September. A normal travel pharmacy is enough. We recommend a sun protection 50+ and water resistent. The area around the Camp is almost dengue and malaria free. If you want travel around Bali or other islands you should take profilaxe for it. We advice you to contact your doctor or get information at the tropical institute.

Location Map Kamafari Surfcamp Bali

Distances: Beach /Surfspot 1 km, Airport Denpasar 10 km, ATM 1Km, Supermarket 200 m

Low season

01.12. – 31.03.

2 BedroomDouble BedroomDeluxe RoomSurflessons
1 person / week 210 €
2 persons / week 420€
1 person / week 280 €
2 persons / week 420€
1 person / week 350€
2 persons / week 560€
1 person / day 25€
1 person / 6 days 150€

Prices including

Accommodation incl.
– 7 nights accommodation
– 7x breakfast
– 6x dinner



– Surf lessons can be started everyday

– We surf everyday during the week, we have no day off

– On Saturday is no dinner served at the Camp

– There are no fix dates for arrival and departure, check out until 12 am

– It is also possible to stay less than a week

High season

01.04. – 30.11.

2 BedroomDouble BedroomDeluxe RoomSurflessons
1 person / week 245€
2 persons / week 490€
1 person / week 315€
2 persons / week 490€
1 person / week 385€
2 persons / week 630€
1 person / day 25€
1 person / 6 days 150€

Prices including

Accommodation incl.
– 7 nights accommodation
– 7x breakfast
– 6x dinner



– Surf lessons can be started everyday

– We surf everyday during the week, we have no day off

– On Saturday is no dinner served at the Camp

– There are no fix dates for arrival and departure, check out until 12 am

– It is also possible to stay less than a week

Surfboard MotorbikeAirport Transfer
1 day 10€ 1 day 3€ / 50.000 IDR Airport pick 20€

Booking request Surfcamp Bali

How to book?

1. We will check availability for your booking request and inform you as fast as possible
2. In case you want to book the Camp, we will send you a confirmation with invoice
3. Payment can be done by SEPA Banktransfer,PayPal, credit card, debit card
4. We will inform you, as soon as payment is done

Thats it, your surftrip can start :-)

How can i pay?

Payment can be done by

  • SEPA Banktransfer (no extra fee all over Europe)
  • PayPal / If you dort have a PayPal account, you can choice of Debitcard, Mastercard, Visacard, American Express und Discover (5% extra fee)

Drinks, motorbike etc. you can pay cash or by credit card at the Camp.

What do you want to do?

In case of a booking, how do you want to pay?


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”My stay at Kamafari was just awesome, i met such nice people and learned how to surf. The staff was friendly, the 2 surf guides been awesome and always smiling while i got washed by a wave :-) Food, view and all the beautiful surrounding made Kamafari really special, so i definitely coming back”

Thomas1 week at the Camp

”I stayed 2 weeks at the Camp and went surfing on my own. You can easily rent a bike and go surfing. For beginners i recommend the surf lessons as the guides are awesome and you will be in a save surrounding. For advanced surfers like me its a perfect place to hang out with others and use the very nice place to check out all surfspots around”

Jackson2 weeks in the Camp

”My stay was just legendary, i made a lot of friends and had the best time of my life there. Big up Kamafari and im sure we see us next year again”

George2 weeks at the Camp

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