Lets do it together and bring people to surfing…

Kamafari offers different Partner Programs to make money with little effort and no risk at all

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Flyer Program

  • This program is a commission based program.
  • You will receive flyers from us which contain a coupon code. That code will be connected to your name and details.
  • You can distribute Flyers wherever you like. If a potential customer submits the booking form with your code and books, you will receive 5% kickback on the Booking amount.
  • Currently, our average booking order is around 500 Euros. Our booking enquiries convert to a booking on a 80% rate.
  • Private Persons

    Every Private Person can join this program and make money

  • Online Shops

    Online Shops can make easy money put a flyer in their sendings

  • Surfcamps / Hostels

    Surfcamps and Hostels can offer their guests a next Destination

  • All kind of Shops

    Not only Surf & Skate shops can reach people which want to go surfing

  • Universities

    Universities reach young people which are traveling a lot

  • Fast Food Restaurants

    Fast Food Restaurants are high frequency locations of any age and kind of peoples

Your Advantages

  • 5% commission on every booking coming from your coupon code
  • No risk
  • Money earned easy with little effort
  • Reliable and convenient support from your Kamafari Surfcamp Team

How it works

  1. Submit your details and join this program
  2. We will send you 1000 flyers. A coupon code is shown on every flyer, which refers to your Name
  3. You put flyers in any places/locations you think someone would make a booking with Kamafari
  4. Potential customer picks up the flyer, goes to our website and submits the booking form with your coupon code
  5. Once the coupon code was used, you will receive an email notification
  6. You will receive 5% of each booking made with your coupon code. 

Commission and Pay Outs

  • 5% commission on every booking coming from your coupon code
  • Email notification every time after your code was used
  • Your overall commission will be calculated by the end of every month
  • The commission will then be transferred into your dedicated bank or paypal account


  •  5% of 250€ shoots you 12,50€
  • 5% of 500€ shoots you 25€
  • 5% of 1000€ shoots you 50€

! Currently, our average booking order is around 500 Euros !

Partner Feedback

“I joined the Flyer Program a few month ago. First i was a bit of sceptic, but thought anyway i cant lose anything. Once i put the Flyer in different locations, the first congratulation mails arrived 🙂 my 5% commission is transfered to my account at the end of every month. Awesome”

MarkusFlyer Program

“When i got the flyers i started to put the Flyers around, first i was a bit disappointed as nobody booked with my code. After i put more often a small amount of Flyers in different locations more and more people booked with my code. I think it needs a bit of experience where and how often you put the flyers somewhere. For me its now a perfect mini job…”

JanFlyer Program

How does the Flyer look like?

The flyer will show your coupon code and informations of different Surftrips bookable on our Website




How many flyers do I get?

You can get as much Flyers as you will need. The more Flyers you put in different locations, the higher is the chance someone will book with your code. The standard amount we send are 1000 Flyers

Can I order more flyers?

Once your Flyers are finished, just send us an email to order more. We will send you then new flyers with your coupon code.

How much money could I earn?

It will depend on how smart you put the flyers in different locations. Each booking made with your coupon code, will make you 5% of the booking amount.

The average booking amount last year was around 500€

5% of 250€ shoots you 12,50€

5% of 500€ shoots you 25€

5% of 1000€ shoots you 50€

How do you know that a code used came from me?

If you join this program, you need to submit your contact details. We connect a code with your details. If someone is booking with your code, we will know that your Flyer was used to book with Kamafari.

For your work and effort you will receive 5% of the booking amount.

How do I know that my monthly commission is correct?

Everytime someone using your Code on a booking, we will let you know by Email.

This email contains name, booking amount and your 5% cut.

At the end of every month, you will receive a list of all bookings made with your coupon code. The total commission 5% of each month will be directly transfered to your Bank Account.

The Flyer Program is based on trust… trust should be the main point of every partnership.

Cheating doesn’t help anyone, it only destroys relations.

Tips on how to make more money by increasing the amount of coupons codes used

  • Choose wisely where you distribute your flyers, from our experience 10 flyers per location is enough.
  • As more often you go out and put flyers in locations as more you increase the use of your code
  • Places which are somewhat related to surfing, surf apparel or surf accommodation are likely to increase the use of coupon codes
  • From our experience places/locations which you least expect, that offer the highest potential customer. High potential customers are not only people surfed before, more potential customers didn’t surf before. Most of the people just want to try it. So try to reach people which are age 18 – 40 years old. Any kind of personality, country and education books with us.

Some examples to put flyers at:

  • Driving Schools
  • Universities
  • Fast Food Joints
  • Shops
  • Bars
  • The Company you work at
  • Of course all your friends
  • Your football,tennis, etc. club
  • While you are traveling
  • Surfcamps & Hostels
  • We usually collect feedback and experiences from other partners to increase coupon code usage and will send you emails with tips and tricks.

As you can see everybody can join this program, its easy and simple…

Either you want to fill up your travel budget, earn easy money while going out to the city or just put flyers in your high frequency location.

You will make money with little effort and become a high respected partner of Kamafari Surfcamps

Lets do it together and bring people to surfing…

Banner / Link Program

Soon available!

Partnercamps Program

  • We list your Surfcamp with all your offers, pictures and informations
  • We will link also to your website and social media accounts
  • Your Camp Name will be used
  • All booking requests with customer details will be send directly to you
  • Individual designed booking forms, wich fits perfect to your offers and payment details
  • We will do all modifications on your profile (new pictures, offers, specials)

Your advantages

  • No commissions
  • Direct contact with all customers
  • More guests and customer informations
  • Individual designed Booking forms, which fits perfect to your offers
  • Better rankings and more visitors with links to your website
  • More Follower/Likes trough links to your social media accounts
  • We will promote your Camp with your name
  • All customer payments directly to you

Cost & Pricing

List your Camp
50€ + 19% VAT to list a Surfcamp with your own name, links to your own website and links to your social web accounts.

Booking request (free for the first year)
5€ + 19% VAT for every booking request made trough our website.

How does it work?

  • All booking requests will be send directly to you by E-mail
  • The booking form will fits perfect to your offers
    (You will get all information you need to know, so you save a lot of mails and work)

    The customers have two options to choice of
    1. I want to inquire availability first and get an offer
    (You inform the customer for availability and send your offer. The customer still can decide if he wants to book or not)
    2. Please book me in, if my request is available
    (You can directly send the booking confirmation. For example with invoice, payment details, informations. Just as you already do with your daily booking process)

  • Payment will be done directly to you with your offered payment details
    (Bank transfer, Creditcard, PayPal, Cash, Debitcard…)
  • So your Surfcamp is booked and payed directly with you

Partner Feedback

”We are the first Partnercamp of Kamafari Surfcamps since one year. In this test year, we got more than 40 booking request trough Kamafari. We get in contact directly with the customer, and don’t need to send mails to a third person which charges us expensive commissions. All i can do is recommend Kamafari Surfcamps. I’am sure many other Surfcamps are also interested in this Partner Program”

Partnercamp Drop In LombokSolli / Manager

About Kamafari

We own and do a Surfcamp since 7 years on Bali / Indonesia, so we have a lot of experience in the booking process and customer contact of a Surfcamp. The Balicamp are booking more than 400 guests every year. Our website is clicked more than 1000 times per month.

Since many of our customers asking us for more and other destinations to surf, we want to offer worldwide trusted Partnercamps we have selected for them.
With our own Surfcamp, we also work with standard travel agencies. We know how complicated sometimes mails trough a third, expensive commission paid person are.

So our Partner Program offers you the possibility to promote your Surfcamp with your name and to get booking request directly to you.


  • On a binding booking, the customer pays 100% of the travel amount directly to you
  • The 50€ +19% VAT monthly service fees are always for a complete and before the beginning of a new service period of 12 month invoiced.
  • The invoice can either be paid via SEPA to our German bank account or via PayPal, Credit card, Debit card online.

Cancellation terms

Your cancellation terms will count on a binding booking with you. A travel contract is made with you and your customer.

Kamafari only promotes your Camp and offers, which a customer can directly book with you

Cancellation of the Partnership

A long and trusted partnership is very important for us.

If you want to cancel the partnership with us, an email is enough. We will delete your listing on our website and stop our partnership. There will be no fee for you…


What if our prices, pictures, infos change?

We will do all modifications on your profile for free. We will ask you every year, if for new season your Camp profile needs some changes. Of course, changes and modifications can also be made anytime.

Its also possible to promote specials and deals on your website

Specials and season deals can be also promoted and installed on your profile. We will do it in consultation with you

It would be awesome to work with you.

Let’s send people somewhere having an awesome time with surfing.

For a long and trusted Partnership

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